Rotavirus vaccine: How I almost missed vaccinating my baby

Funke just finished vaccinating her 10 weeks old baby and was about leaving the vaccination clinic, when a chubby looking woman with a baby on her back approached the Matron requesting for the Rotavirus vaccine.

”Good morning Matron I com ask if ona they give yotavayus vaccine,” the woman said in pidgin, yes we do the Matron replied with a very appealing voice, how old be your pikin? Matron then turns to attend to another mother.

The woman paused and started counting using her fingers, slowly mouthing some words eeh! eeh!! 5 weeks 6 weeks, she vacillated before responding my pikin na 6 weeks.

This instantly caught the attention of Funke, and she didn’t hesitate to indulge in the conversation, which one is Rotavirus vaccine again? My baby is 10 weeks old and she hasn’t received it, she said with a brooding expression.

The woman said to Funke ” na my neighbour tell me say he dey help pikin avoid water water shit (diarrhea) and vomiting.”

Thank you Funke said, and requested that her baby get vaccinated against Rotavirus.


Facts about Rotavirus vaccine:

  1. Rotavirus vaccine can prevent rotavirus disease.
  2. Rotavirus causes diarrhea, gastroenteritis, vomiting, and fever mostly in babies and young children. Diarrhea can be severe, and lead to life-threatening dehydration.
  3. Rotavirus vaccine is administered by putting drops in the child’s mouth. Babies should get 2 doses (Rotarix) or 3 doses (Rotasil) of rotavirus vaccine, depending on the brand of vaccine used.
  4. The first dose should be administered when the baby is 6 weeks of age.
  5. The last dose must be administered by 8 months of age.

For vaccination against Rotavirus:

Call or WhatsApp 08160962414.


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