The oral Human papillomavirus (HPV) can be gotten through oral sex. But what are the implications of oral HPV infection? Are there ways to prevent it? These are the key questions we will be answering on this article.

HPV is a very contagious virus, with over 100 strains that causes numerous diseases such as genital warts, cervical cancer, and other cancers such as cancers of the anus, vagina, vulva, and penis.

It will be very important to note that HPV is responsible for over 70% of throat and neck cancer, what medically is called ‘’oropharyngeal cancer. ‘’ However, other factors such as smoking or chewing tobacco, alcohol use, and gastroesophageal reflux disease might be contributing factors.

In addition, after infection this cancer takes years to develop and it is a very difficult cancer to screen for, so unlike cervical cancer which can be detected on time by doing a pap smear or HPV test, there isn’t a known test to detect throat cancer in a timely fashion, but physical assessment by your doctor or dentist during a regular visit for check-up especially when you are experiencing symptoms such as chronic cough, ear pain, difficulties when swallowing, prolonged sore throat, throat pain, voice changes, lumps or swelling in the throat or lymph nodes, and unexplained weight loss might be very helpful. More so, some persons might not experience any symptom.


How do we prevent throat infection by HPV?

It is the dream of everyone to lead a happy life and be here for our loved ones, friends, and families. Preventing the suffering and pains associated with infectious diseases is important in achieving our dreams. There several ways to prevent HPV infection of the mouth and they include: quit smoking, stop or reduce intake of alcohol, make use of Dental Dams, but one of the most effective way is to get vaccinated against HPV; there are about three major vaccines but the human papillomavirus 9-valent vaccine is the most effective means.

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