James a 30-year-old tall gentleman, dark hair, medium build, and slightly squared face: he had all the features that ladies found attractive. He woke up to discover the weird-looking rash was back again around his genitals, not again he said to himself.


About six months ago he treated what his doctor called genital warts– he was given some antiviral medications to take and a topical paint which he applied on the warts, it was discomforting after the paints were applied – warts disappeared in a matter of weeks.


He could recall vividly where and how he contracted the warts infection ”doctor I got it from a lady I had protected sexual intercourse with. I saw it around her genitals and asked her what they were but she adamantly said nothing.” Yes! You might be right because the use of condoms does not effectively prevent genital warts, as you might know, genital warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) 6 & 11– a group of Sexually Transmitted virus in sexually active people.


James hurriedly put on his clothes and drove to his doctors’ office. Sir, it’s back again oh! James exclaimed after he bashed into the office. I thought with treatment it was supposed to completely clear off and never return. The doctor smiled and told him, please sit down let me reemphasize what I told you six months ago: doctor proceeds to educate him on why warts reoccurred.


James genital wart is becoming a man’s problem, yes women do get infected and might not experience a high rate of reoccurrence of these warts like men do, and I will tell you why. The risks of getting genital warts are constant for males and remain constant as a man ages.


More so, men rarely develop protective antibodies against genital warts after natural infection and can have up to 10 episodes of the disease following effective treatment. This was the reason I told you to get vaccinated after successful treatment – men respond very well to vaccines against genital warts and it was a major reason the vaccine was approved for use in males in 2009 by the FDA.


A research found out more than a 50% reduction of genital warts reoccurrence if you are vaccinated after effective treatment, but what happens is that people don’t get vaccinated after they successfully clear the warts, you didn’t get vaccinated as I recommended! Yes, the vaccination cost might be on the high side but the benefits are greater than the pains and discomfort these warts causes.


For further education on genital warts and how to prevent reoccurrence via vaccination contact Inocul8 on 08160962414. Or send an email to [email protected].

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