Why Walk the Hepatitis B
Journey Alone?

Are you living with viral hepatitis B and don’t have healthcare professionals guiding you in the management of your health condition?


Some days you wakeup feeling stomach pain, body weakness, feverish, worried, and scared. You don’t know what to do, and don’t have a doctor to consult?

myHealth by Inocul8 supports you with hepatitis B management:


1. Consult with in-house Doctors.


2. Access prompt and convenient laboratory services needed to monitor your health.


3. Lifestyle modification advice.


4. Access to quality and affordable liver protective supplements and medications.

This ensures you lead a healthy and happy life without any liver complications.

Ready to transform your health journey? Let Inocul8 be your partner in health.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Hepatitis B?
    Hepatitis B is a liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). It can range from a mild illness to a serious, chronic condition.
    How is Hepatitis B transmitted?
    The virus is transmitted through contact with the blood or other body fluids of an infected person.
    Can Hepatitis B be treated?
    Yes, while there's no cure for hepatitis B, treatments are available that can help manage symptoms and reduce the risk of complications.
    What services does Inocul8 offer for Hepatitis B management?
    Inocul8 provides personalized healthcare guidance, laboratory services, lifestyle advice, and access to affordable medications.
    How do I get started with Inocul8?
    Kindly start by filling the FREE consultation form above.
    Is there a community or support group?
    Yes, we offer a supportive community where you can connect with others who are managing Hepatitis B.
    How can I maintain a healthy lifestyle with Hepatitis B?
    Our team provides comprehensive lifestyle guidance tailored to your individual health needs.
    Is my medical information confidential?
    Absolutely. We adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy policies to protect your personal health information.
    Can i reach out to your support team?
    Absolutely. Kindly send a WhatsApp message to Dr Emmanuel on +234 816 096 2414 or email at [email protected]