Helping you and your family prevent infectious diseases.

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Everyone wants to lead a healthy and happy life. But infectious disease-causing microorganisms are everywhere to prevent people from achieving this happiness. By using technology to increase access to disease prevention tools, we create economic value and social impact.

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Our Products and Services

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Cowva is a comprehensive and user-friendly vaccination management software. Using technology to eradicate diseases, Cowva helps you easily track your vaccination due date, get reminders for your next doses and provides direct access to all your vaccination records.

Key features include real-time tracking and reporting, automated reminders, customizable reporting, and secure messaging. Learn More.[/kloud_info_box]

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Inocul8 pioneered the first mobile vaccination services in Nigeria. Since its inception, Inocul8 has provided customers with convenient and flexible vaccination services. We do this in the comfort of your home, offices or wherever you desire.

We also offer a wide range of vaccines, immunoglobulins and other biologicals. Our distribution network and partnerships allow us to reach health facilities wherever they are.


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We are building the largest franchise of disease prevention clinics. Inocul8 Medvacc Clinic operates a vaccination-dedicated clinic and several access points across Nigeria. We leverage the power of community pharmacies to bring vaccination care services closer to people.

We train and build teams of experienced and qualified vaccinators dedicated to providing quality care.

We believe that everyone deserves access to life-saving vaccines.


[kloud_info_box layout=”top_icon_border” color=”#58c5c5″ animation=”fadeInUp” icon=”ion-ios-lightbulb” title_icon=”Inocul8 Vaccine Institute”]Our consulting and training services are designed to empower health facilities and their workers to provide quality vaccination care services. 

Our training program is designed for health workers who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in vaccination. The program covers essential vaccine concepts, the latest practices and guidelines in vaccine administration and storage, and the business of vaccination. Participants gain the knowledge and skills to provide quality vaccination care upon completion.[/kloud_info_box]

[kloud_info_box layout=”top_icon_border” color=”#58c5c5″ animation=”fadeInUp” icon=”ion-ios-lightbulb” title_icon=”Inocul8 Cold Chain Distribution” link=”https://cowva.com/”]We offer a wide range of vaccines, immunoglobulins and other biologicals.

Our distribution network and partnerships allow us to reach communities in need in urban and rural areas. We are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to life-saving vaccines.[/kloud_info_box]

[kloud_info_box layout=”top_icon_border” icon=”ion-ios-lightbulb” color=”#58c5c5″ title_icon=”Inocul8 Mobile Labs”]Inocul8 Labs provide convenient access to Hepatitis B assay, Hepatitis B viral load, HBsAg and other infectious diseases screening. Our clients get these services in the comfort of their homes, offices or other choice locations.[/kloud_info_box]


Across the globe, primary healthcare is a cornerstone of healthcare systems. It is what ensures that people can live longer and more fulfilling lives. Annually, more than 1.5 million people die from vaccine-preventable diseases worldwide. With the exception to clean water, vaccines remain the most cost-effective method for disease prevention saving about 3 million lives every year.


Our offerings enable us to provide efficient disease prevention services including vaccination care and vaccine-related information directly through our clinic, access points and other health facilities we train and serve.


We believe that one day infectious diseases such as typhoid, malaria, hepatitis B, cervical cancer, rotavirus, polio just to mention a few will be extinct like smallpox, and that we plan achieving by screening and vaccinating populations to create more herd communities. This we do through building disease prevention clinics and access points.

[kloud_info_box layout=”top_icon_border” color=”#58c5c5″ animation=”fadeInUp” icon=”ion-paintbrush” title_icon=”Convenience”]We believe people can get vaccinated no matter how busy they are, so our team goes the extra mile to ensure you and your family get vaccinated wherever you are, in the comfort of your homes, offices or nearby access points, saving you time that would have been spent waiting in the hospital for your shots.[/kloud_info_box]
[kloud_info_box layout=”top_icon_border” color=”#58c5c5″ animation=”fadeInUp” icon=”ion-ios-lightbulb” title_icon=”Affordability”]We believe cost shouldn’t hinder people from getting vaccinated that’s why we make the cost of our service highly affordable.[/kloud_info_box]
[kloud_info_box layout=”top_icon_border” color=”#58c5c5″ animation=”fadeInUp” icon=”ion-ios-cog” title_icon=”Quality”]Our services are provided by young licensed and qualified medical professionals in Nigeria.[/kloud_info_box]


Listen to what some of our clients have to say!

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[testimonials image=”1374″ title=”” slides_per_view_1=”2″ columns=”1″][testimonial name=”beingreggy” image=”1935″ img_size=”73 x 73″]The services are the best, the convenience is top-notch. Thank you guys, will always recommend.

[/testimonial][testimonial name=”mahddimples” image=”1935″ img_size=”73 x 73″]Your service is awesome and convenient. Getting vaccinated in the comfort of my home is commendable. Thank you so much I enjoyed your services 💯.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

[/testimonial][testimonial name=”shugadupri” image=”1935″ img_size=”73 x 73″]Thanks for coming to give me my second shot right in my office. Excellent service from you and your team. Keep up the good work.

[/testimonial][testimonial name=”talk2tosyne2″ image=”1935″ img_size=”73 x 73″]Thank you so much for this. I enjoyed this service yesterday and I am blown away by the courteous and knowledgeable service I received. God bless you all.



All safety precautions are followed and imbibed when rendering our services.

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