What if I’m hepatitis B positive ?

March 05, 2020

John a very handsome young man, also known as the “ladies choice,” had been procrastinating to go for screening to determine his hepatitis B status mainly because of his lifestyle, when he finally did it took just ten minutes, and the result was out, but he told the doctor to reveal his status to him the next day via a text message. Why he did this we absolutely can’t tell.

Unable to sleep throughout the night, at dawn while starring at his phone, he asked himself what if I’m diagnosed to be hepatitis B positive ? He flashed back what the doctor told him during their interactive session.

Mr John hepatitis B though not curable can be well managed with orthodox medications like any chronic disease! provided you take control of the condition, IF positive you do the following ;

First, Hepatitis Virus B DNA viral load and that cost between 40,000 to 56,000 naira, this helps me determine the amount of virus in the system, and if to initiate antiviral treatment (this will require you take medications everyday and plan a monthly budget of 7,000 to 8,000 naira to purchase these medicines ) or keep monitoring the condition and place you on liver protective medications (this cost between 2,800 to 4,000 naira monthly).

Secondly, you do liver function test, this helps determine the state of the liver and know if it’s free from damages. It’s going to cost you between 4,000 to 7,000 naira, cheap isn’t it, the doctor told him.

You still have a choice to ignore routine medical checkups and tell yourself, its not showing any symptoms, but I tell you fear silent diseases they are more deadly than Jack the Ripper.

Additionally, you will have to avoid alcohol, and quit smoking if you do smoke. Mr John was this jaiye jaiye grooving kind of guy, and he imagined not taking alcohol when he gathers with his friends on Friday night to party at their favourite joint at Lekki.

Finally a text message appeared on his phone, it was from his doctor, he was reluctant to open the message, and kept his phone aside for a while, his heart started beating faster, he started sweating profusely his armpit and face were covered with droplets of sweat, then he said to himself “something must kill a man!” Grabbed his phone and opened the message, guess what? Mr John was…

NEGATIVE! He instantly requested for his vaccination to be protected to avoid the financial and psychological burden the disease would have placed on him, everything cost 16,500 naira, far cheaper than what he would have spent managing the disease.

Prevention is truly cheaper than cure he said to himself when he started his hepatitis B three months vaccination protection journey.

If positive every year he should be spending noting less than #98,000 naira for management whereas prevention cost #16,500 with booster every 10 years.

Never let your penny be wiser than your pounds nor your kobo wiser than your naira. Get vaccinated against hepatitis B today! WhatsApp 08160962414 or BOOK NOW.

Photo credit: Nappy studio


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