Typhoid story: I prepared well but forgot to do one thing

September 14, 2020

It was on a Wednesday morning, after doing my NYSC application, I just discovered I was posted to Niger State and my camp will be at Paiko in Minna.

It was a bitter sweet feeling for me, sweet in the sense that I was staying at Abuja at that time, so from Abuja to Niger State was about 2 hours journey but bitter in the context that I knew nobody there.

After my camp, I was posted to work at a public hospital, and the lodge I was staying at that time had a Well as our source of bathing water, we bought sachet water on weekly basis, no time to cook regularly so me and my colleagues eat at a restaurant routinely.

This unfaithful day, I broke down in the evening after coming back from work, my body temperature was above 38 degrees celsius, I was extremely weak to the point my friend had to rush me to the hospital, my blood pressure was around 60 mmHg, I had to be placed on normal saline. It was the first time as an adult I was placed on drip and hospitalised.

Furthermore, It was the first time I experienced what I had been treating patients for which was typhoid fever. I remained in the hospital for about a week before I was discharged and placed on oral antibiotics medications for one extra week.

While I was preparing to travel to the North, one thing I forgot to do was to vaccinate myself against typhoid fever and other diseases such as meningitis which are endemic in Northern Nigeria.

In conclusion, typhoid fever is not a disease you will like to experience, so get yourself vaccinated against typhoid fever, the vaccine is administered as a single shot needed once every three years.

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