What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the alveoli of lungs, of infective origin.

What causes pneumonia?

It is caused by bacteria and viruses.

How will I know if I have pneumonia?

The disease presents with cough which initially will be dry but later becomes productive, rust-coloured sputum, dyspnoea (difficulty in breathing), fever, and pleuritic chest pain.

Who is at risk of pneumonia?

Everyone is at risk. However, it is common in children under 5 years of age, persons who are frail and terminally ill, the elderly, it has been described as the old man’s friend as it affects people 65 years and above and it is a major cause of death in the elderly.

Other persons who have any of the following are at risk of pneumonia:

  • Asplenia or dysfunction of the spleen
  • Chronic respiratory disease
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Chronic renal disease
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Cochlear implants
  • Diabetes
  • Immunosuppressed such as persons living with HIV/AIDS

How do I prevent pneumonia?

The pneumococcal 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine and influenza vaccine will be needed if you are at risk of pneumonia.

How do I get vaccinated?

Book for your vaccination by clicking here



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