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Even adults get vaccinated

March 18, 2020

As a little boy growing up, I was privileged to follow my mother as she took my little brother for one of his immunization session.

While seated, I could see a lot of women with babies, nurses with no chills with straight faces like the suit of Frank Edoho of the then who wants to be a millionaire show.

The music in the air were sounds made from the cries of children, I got to witness how the chubby looking nurse injected my brother, it was no mercy as she pierced his arms and thighs, he never hesitated to scream so loud with a very high pitch tone, like he intended to deaf her in return, his eyes were swollen, you could tell he went through a lot, in a month time he will be back to the same room.

One day out of curiosity I asked my mother “mum why do you have to carry James to that clinic when he is not sick for them to make him cry, and don’t you take vaccines too?”

She replied me “each injections are for his protection,” that got me wondering how.

Fast forward into the future, I got to realize even adults contract yellow fever, hepatitis A&B, HPV infections (cervical cancer, genital warts), typhoid fever, meningitis, pneumonia, chickenpox,tuberculosis amongst others, and these are vaccine preventable-diseases.

This means as an adult I can get vaccinated just like my little brother, and be protected as well, then mama words dawned on me “each injection are for my protection.”

So all these years I had been conditioned to think vaccines are for kids only, may be you too?

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